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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Degree Program Statistics

    Statistics for the Philosophy program can be found here.

  • How many applicants apply to the doctoral program in philosophy?

    The number varies from 130 to 190 a year.

  • How many students does the Department accept per year?

    At this time, we are accepting 5 students a year on fellowship.

  • Does the Philosophy Department have a master's degree program?

    Students are admitted only into the Ph.D. program. We do not admit students into a master’s program. Students earn their master’s degree in fulfilling requirements towards Ph.D.

  • Can students study with faculty in other departments?

    Emory supports interdisciplinary work and has outstanding faculty in many fields. Students are free to take classes in any department that they like, although in their first year students normally take courses in the department. Faculty in other departments can also be a part of a student's dissertation committee.

  • How important are the GREs?

    Not only does the department not require the GRE, it does not consider GRE scores for any application. GRE is financially burdensome for low-income applicants and there are numerous studies that show that it does not accurately predict academic success in graduate school and that there are significant gaps in GRE performances by woman and other underrepresented groups.