Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the contact person for undergraduate questions and concerns?

The Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) is Jessica Wahman. She is best reached via e-mail, although you may also call her in her office at 404-727-4724 (112 Bowden Hall).

For forms, signatures, and other general information, please see the Undergraduate Administrative Assistant: Debbie Miller, 404-727-9687 (214 Bowden Hall).

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Can I choose my advisor?

Yes! As a major you can choose any faculty member in the department as your advisor. Simply contact the faculty member you would like as an advisor. You can find the email addresses here. You may also contact the DUS Prof. Wahman for advice (

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How do I declare a major or minor in Philosophy?

  1. Submit the Declaration of Major form with the Office of Undergraduate Education.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email from the registrar.
  3. Review the degree requirements checklist to determine if you have any questions. If you do have questions, schedule a meeting with Dr. Jessica Wahman.
  4. Congratulations and welcome to the Philosophy Department!

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Where can I learn about Study Abroad?

Contact the Office of International and Summer Programs (OISP). You can also contact the DUS Dr. Jessica Wahman.

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Which study abroad courses will satisfy my requirements for a philosophy major or minor?

Ask the DUS Dr. Jessica Wahman.

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Am I eligible for the Honors program in Philosophy?

Honors at Emory is a year-long program pursued during your last two semesters at Emory. Honors in Philosophy is open to students with an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher at the end of their junior year. Eligible students are contacted by the Director of Undergraduate Studies during the summer before their senior year, at which time they must decide whether they want to enroll in the program. Further details available from the DUS.

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What are the requirements for Phi Sigma Tau, the Philosophy Honor Society?

Phi Sigma Tau, Beta Chapter of Georgia, requires of all candidates for admission:

  1. five courses in Philosophy taken at Emory;
  2. a minimum GPA of 3.5 in all philosophy courses taken at Emory;
  3. a minimum overall GPA of 3.2.

Eligible students are contacted by the Faculty sponsor of Phi Sigma Tau, Beta Chapter of Georgia, in March or early April of each year. The induction ceremony is held in the Philosophy Department during the last week of classes in the Spring.

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How do I get Emory equivalencies for Philosophy courses taken on study abroad?

Contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies once you know which course(s) you will be taking, sending a description and/or syllabus for each course. The DUS will then determine the Emory equivalent course/credit, and inform the Study Abroad office to this effect.

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How do I get a letter of reference or recommendation?

Ask a professor who knows you and knows your work if she or he would be willing to write for you. Be respectful of the professor’s time by giving him/her plenty of notice before the letter is due. Be clear about the format and deadline for each letter. Finally, sign the waiver of access at the top of each form before you give it to your recommender. Those who read the letter will be more likely to take it seriously if they know it is truly confidential.

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What if I have a problem with a grade I've received in a course?

You should begin by contacting the professor who taught the course. Except under a few very rare circumstances (such as a violation of the Honor Code), not even the President of the University can change a grade.

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What awards does the Philosophy Department have for undergraduates?


  1. the Paul Kuntz Award, given annually to the outstanding graduating senior in Philosophy;
  2. the Charles Hartshorne Prize, awarded annually to the outstanding essay submitted in an undergraduate Philosophy course at Emory (most entries are by nomination of professor; self-nominations are also welcome – watch for an announcement in the Spring).

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What activities does the Philosophy Department have for undergraduates?

The William F. Edwards Undergraduate Lecture, established in 1988, is dedicated to our undergraduates and delivered every Fall by a well-known philosopher and distinguished teacher of philosophy. There is a reception afterwards with free food.

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