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Department News & Congratulations

  • Professor George Yancy talks about the antiblack racism, its history and legacy, to the Turkish media in this English-language interview, contextualizing the current moment in the U.S. and beyond. View the clip here.

  • Professors Cynthia Willett and George Yancy received a shout out in The New York Times. Read the piece here.


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A Message from the Faculty

Dear students,

We want to express our awareness of the gravity of the current moment and the racist history that has led to it. We also want to let you know that we are committed to cultivating a community that helps each other and shows solidarity in moments of crisis. In the thick of this situation, no one should be alone. Please reach out to one another and know that your faculty is available to talk about whatever issues and concerns are filling your thoughts, whether they pertain to the department, its curriculum and programs, Emory, life in Atlanta, or the broader landscape of philosophy as a profession and a history. We are here, and not just to talk with you, but to learn with and from you.

We also want to reiterate our commitment to provide all students with a safe, stimulating, and supportive environment, particularly our black students whom we have actively recruited with promises of being an exception to the anti-black racism one sees across the nation, within and beyond academia. Moreover, we remain committed to continue to be a program that aims to lead with regard to inclusiveness and vital, effective support for our students, particularly those who face, day in and day out, the weight of historical oppressions. 

Looking ahead, we remain committed to building a home for faculty who work in the face of daily, anti-black racism, and to continue to attract leading scholars whose work addresses these issues. Growing such a faculty is an immediate and long-term goal. Moreover, even in a time of frozen budgets, we will intensify our support for our chapter of Minorities and Philosophy, and help it move from a joint graduate and undergraduate organization to two organizations, each with their own mission. 

Anti-black racism must cease. Black folk must be safe from murder at the hands of police officers. The United States can no longer refuse full citizenship and cultural standing to those, without whom, the United States would not exist. And we must strive to live in concrete acknowledgment of how, against all odds, black folk, at every level, have enriched the myriad possibilities available to those who live, work, and love here.

The Faculty of Emory University's Department of Philosophy



Spring 2020

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