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African Studies major Jovonna Jones has been selected as the 2015 McMullan winner.  Jovonna Jones has completed an honors thesis   "Seeing Between the Lines:  Frederick Douglass, Carrie Mae Weems, and the Photographic Folds of Black Subjectivity” with Professor Cynthia Willett.  The thesis earned highest honors. She begins the MFA program in photography this fall at Georgia State.

Jordan Stewart-Rozema will present her paper "Curiosity's Potential in Education for Social Justice: Freire, Dewey, and Flexible Epistemology" at the 2015 International Social Philosophy Conference sponsored by the North American Society for Social Philosophy.

Prof. Cynthia Willett has given invited talks on Interspecies Ethics at the Georgia Philosophical Society (keynote), Georgia College and University, University of West Georgia and Public Library; at the Author meets Critics Panel on Interspecies Ethics at SAAP, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, March, 2015;  she delivered the Issa Lecture on Environmental Ethics, at Case Western Reserve University at  Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities 2015 where she is a resident scholar. She gives a talk at Stony Brook in April.

“Radical Pragmatism” (in The Cambridge Companion to Pragmatism), an essay by Professor Michael Sullivan and his co-author, Dan Solove, was identified by Jotwell as one of the best works of recent scholarship on constitutional law.  For a full review, see:

Check out a review of Prof. Thomas Flynn's new Sartre bio in The Economist.

Prof. John Stuhr was a participant in the February 2015 interdisciplinary meeting on “The Humanities and the Science of Well Being:  Toward a Strategic Collaboration for Understanding, Measuring, and Cultivating Human Flourishing,” funded by the Templeton Religious Trust and administered by the University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Center.

Essays by Prof. John Lysaker—“Writing as Praxis”(vol 28, #4, 2014)—and by Prof. John Stuhr—“Genres, Hybrids, Crossings” (vol 29, #1, 2015)—have been published in The Journal of Speculative Philosophy’s two issue Symposium on “Crossings, Hybrids, Genres.”

Prof. Cynthia Willett was celebrated with a panel on her scholarship at SPEP in October in New Orleans.  Also in October, at International Association for Environmental Philosophy, she delivered “The Africana Origins of Interspecies Ethics.”  She presented the keynote, “Urban Art as Urban Uprising: From Ferguson to Mexico City,” in Mexico City in December at the Philosophy of the City Conference.

Prof. Ursula Goldenbaum lectured on Leibniz’s Strategy to avoid Necessitarianism while keeping the Geometrical Method at the Philosophy Department at the University of Konstanz, Germany, on November 13, 2014.

Emory Philosophy alum Firmin DeBrabander's new book Do Guns Make Us Free: Democracy and the Armed Society is now available to pre-order from Yale Books.

Prof. Ursula Goldenbaum delivered a Keynote at the Leibniz Conference of the NorthAmerican Leibniz Society at the University of South Florida, Tampa, held from October 31 to November 2, 2014, on "Leibniz and Joachim Hermann ".

Prof. Andrew J. Mitchell organized the conference Heidegger's Black Notebooks: Philosophy, Politics, Anti-Semitism at the Emory Conference Center September 5–6, 2014, with speakers Peter Trawny, Bettina Bergo, Robert Bernasconi, Martin Gessmann, Sander Gilman, Peter E. Gordon, Michael Marder, Eduardo Mendieta, Richard Polt, and Tom Rockmore. You can listen to this provocative event, the first conference of its kind in the US, on iTunes.

Prof. Goldenbaum delivered a lecture at the conference on early modern philosophy in honor of Daniel Garber, on September 19-20, 2014 at Princeton University. The subject is Leibniz on tolerance and truth.

Visiting Assistant Professor Mark Fagiano signed a book contract with Indiana University Press. The work, Pragmatism About Race, traces the rise and fall of race science traditions for the purposes of addressing both the ambiguity of contemporary race discourses as well the persistence of social racisms. ​

Professor Cynthia Willett’s latest book Interspecies Ethics is now available here.

Emory University will host the 9th annual meeting of the feminist philosophy society philoSOPHIA May 14-16, 2015. For more information and the call for proposals (due 12/1/14) go here:

Graduate student Christopher Merwin has just signed a contract with Indiana University Press to translate (from the German) professor Günter Figal’s forthcoming book Inconspicuousness. Chris has spent a busy and productive summer presenting papers at the University of Freiburg, the Nordic Society for Phenomenology, the Nordic Wittgenstein Society, and as a speaker at a workshop on Heidegger at the University of Sussex. He is currently assisting in editing and has translated a contribution (from the original French) for the forthcoming volume Later Paths in Heidegger’s Thought (Indiana University Press, forthcoming), and is organizing a volume tentatively entitled Thinking Through Technology: Essays on the Later Works of Martin Heidegger to be ready for publication in 2015.

John Stuhr's essay, "Peirce, Pragmatism, and Purposive Action" has been published in Charles Sanders Peirce In His Own Words:  100 Years of Semiotics, Communication and Cognition, eds. Thellefsen and Sorensen (De Gruytner, 2014), an international collection that explores and develops the impact of Peirce's philosophy a century after his death in 1914.

Professor Thomas Flynn's new book, Sartre: A Philosophical Biography, is now available for pre-order here.

Graduate student Joel Michael Reynolds has been chosen as the 2014-15 Laney Graduate School Disability Studies Fellow, a fellowship which comes with the role of Program Coordinator for the Emory Disability Studies Initiative. Joel has had a busy spring and summer, presenting papers at conferences including the Society for Disability Studies, the South Carolina Society for Philosophy, Derrida Today, and the Summer Institute in American Philosophy.

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Jordan Stewart-Rozema recently presented a paper on fan-fiction and Walter Benjamin for a Philosophy and Popular Culture panel at the Southwest Popular and American Culture Association Conference, for which she won an award for best graduate student paper.

Timothy Harfield accepted a position at Georgia State University as Project Director in the Office of Enrollment Management and Student Success.

Professor Ursula Goldenbaum has been elected president of the North American Leibniz Society, beginning December 1st, 2014.

Lucas Scripter accepted a two-year contract as a Lecturer in Philosophy at Hong Kong Baptist University’s College of International Education.

Julia Haas accepted a two-year McDonnell Postdoctoral Fellowship at Washington University St. Louis, to start in Fall 2014. She was also invited to give a talk on "Recruiting Computational Neuroscience to Explain Weakness of Will" at the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, University College London in January of 2014.

Dustin Peone successfully defended his dissertation prospectus, "Memory as Philosophy: Hegel, Montaigne and the Philosophical Tradition of Recollection" on April 23. Committee members were Donald Verene (director), Ann Hartle, and Susan Bredlau.

Joel Michael Reynolds successfully defended his dissertation prospectus, "Ethics of Bodies: Pain, Disability, and the Claims of Corporeal Variability" on April 22 (John Lysaker, chair; Cynthia Willett and Andrew Mitchell, committee members).

Kate Schweitzer successfully defended her dissertation, "Principled Compromise in Theorizing about Justice," on May 15. Professor Michael Sullivan directed the dissertation; the committee members were John Stuhr and Cindy Willett. Readers were John Lysaker and Melvin Rogers. Congratulations on completing all the requirements for the Ph.D., Dr. Schweitzer!


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March 26, 2015

“Transatlantic Tributaries: Tracking the Streams of Influence Upon Williams James' Pragmatism”
Piers H.G. Stephens, University of Georgia
4:15 p.m., Pyschology 290

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