Department News & Congratulations

  • Undergraduate Honors Student Ben Goldfein's research explores the ethics of artificial intelligence. Read the story here.

  • The Metaphysical Society has awarded Professor Don Verene the Founder's Medal, it's highest award. It recognizes a lifetime of work that engages classical or contemporary problems of metaphysics in innovative ways that transform our understanding of those problems and open new possibilities for their solutions.

  • The 69th annual meeting of the Metaphysical Society of America (March 22-25) featured papers by Professor John Stuhr (The Politics of the Metaphysics of Agency AND the Metaphysics of the Politics of Agency”) and Professor Jessica Wahman (Psyche as Agent: Overcoming the ‘Free/Unfree’ Dichotomy”) and graduate students Andrew Culbreth (“Hope, Intention, and Courageous Agency: Aristotle’s Puzzling Description of Courage and Deliberation in Nicomachean Ethics 3.6-9”) and Tony Leyh (“From Homonoia to Sumphonia: A Shift in the Agential Conditions for Friendship in Plato’s Laws”).

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10 April

Phi Sigma Tau Lecture
 “Heidegger's Anti-Christianity: Some Thoughts"

Andrew Mitchell
Emory University
4:15 PM in White Hall 207