Department News & Congratulations

  • At the 2017 annual meeting of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, Katherine Howard ("Arendt and Rancière on the 'Right to Have Rights' as Refugee Politics"), Jorge Lizarzaburu (“Beyond Totalitarian Reason:  Adorno, Deleuze, and the Paradoxes of Sense”), Noëlle McAfee (“Trump and the Paranoid-Schizoid Politics of Ideality), John Stuhr (“Ineffability and Limits to Phenomenological Description”), Cynthia Willett (on “Contributions to Continental Philosophy:  Moira Gatens"), Elizabeth Goodstein (“Georg Simmel’s Modernist Phenomenology of disciplinarity”), and Lynne Huffer (“Foucault’s Rhythmic Hand”) all presented papers.  Tom Flynn, Andrew Mitchell, and Erin Tarver were selected as session moderators.  In addition to current department members, many recent Emory alums were also on the program, including:  Smaranda Adea, Alia Al-Saji, Ellie Anderson, Kate Davies, Lauren Guilmette, Rebecca Longtin Hansen, Peter Milne, Mukasa Mubirumusoke, Emily Parker, David Peña-Guzman, and Joel Reynolds.

  • Ursula Goldenbaum was invited to lecture at Science is History and History is Science, German-French Conference Leibniz as Historian, at the Sorbonne, Paris, September 7-9, 2017 (in cooperation with the Goethe-Institute and the Maison de Henri Heine in Paris).

  • Faculty members Jessica Wahman (“Metaphysics in a Human Voice”), John Stuhr ("Signs of Imagination and Vision”), and John Lysaker (“Becoming What You Are Not”) all delivered papers at the “Shared Practices, Singular Voices” symposium at Penn State University September 29-30.

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