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    • Ellie Anderson's post on consent and sexual ethics in the #womeninphilosophy series made it into the top ten posts on the APA blog. here.

  • Read a review of Emory Philosophy graduate Firmin DeBrabander's new book 
    Life After Privacy: Reclaiming Democracy in a Surveillance Society here.

  • A new podcast by two Emory Philosophy graduates has launched. Overthink offers fresh takes on philosophical themes in relation to culture and everyday life. Co-hosted by Philosophy professors Ellie Anderson (Ph.D., 2016) and David Peña-Guzmán (Ph.D., 2015), each episode is a conversation based around a particular topic, such as anxiety, nostalgia, or the politics of anti-mask movements. Expect references to your favorite philosophers in discussions on cottagecore, "The Good Place," and millennials' obsession with plants. Listen here.

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Fall 2020

Please Welcome Our New Faculty & Staff

Dr. Axelle Karera

Axelle Karera received her PhD in philosophy from Penn State University. Prior to joining Emory University, she was assistant professor of philosophy and African American studies at Wesleyan University. Karera works and teaches at the intersection of 20th century continental philosophy, the critical philosophy of race (particularly Black critical theory), contemporary critical theory, and the environmental humanities. In addition to a project on Blackness and ontology, as well as a forthcoming paper on Blackness and hospitality for the journal Diacritics, she is currently completing her first monograph titled The Climate of Race: Blackness and the Pitfalls of Anthropocene Ethics. In the book, Karera turns to the question of relationality in new materialist ontology and speculative realism's purported return to metaphysics. More importantly, the book's investigations attempt to discern the ethical core of critical thought in the age of the Anthropocene, with the aim to attend to its powerful - and perhaps even necessary - disavowals on matters pertaining to racial ecocide. 

Sara Howard

Sara Howard joins the Department of Philosophy with over fifteen years of experience in higher education.  She previously served as the Academic Advisor and Program Specialist for the Department of Art at Florida State University and as the Program Manager for the School of City and Regional Planning at Georgia Tech.  With two degrees in the humanities, focusing on art history and film theory, she retains an interest in transdisciplinary critical and cultural studies.  Outside the walls of academia, Sara also works as a House Manager at the improvisation theater Dad's Garage.