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Graduate Student Funding

All graduate students in the Philosophy Department receive five years of funding. This includes a stipend ($31,000 for the 2019-2020 school year), full tuition support, and individual healthcare. After the fifth year, students may apply for competitive, sixth year fellowships. 

Financial support is not directly tied to teaching. Students have no teaching in their first year, and in their second year only serve as TA's for small classes without discussion sessions. In their third year, students teach one course as the instructor of record, but again teach nothing in their fourth year. In the fifth year, students teach one course per semester as the instructor of record. The department believes that this degree of teaching is necessary for students to be competitive on the job market.

Generous support is also available for student travel. Graduate students who present papers at professional conferences may be supported by funds made available through the Graduate School. There are also funds available for the summer study of languages, with opportunities to travel abroad for advanced language study.

All students who are accepted into the program receive five years of funding and are eligible for travel support. There is no separate application for financial aid.