Charles Hartshorne Prize (Essay Competition)

The Charles Hartshorne Prize is awarded annually to the outstanding essay submitted in an undergraduate Philosophy course at Emory (most entries are by nomination of professor; self-nominations are also welcome – watch for announcement in the Spring). Any published paper greater than seven pages is considered, and the due date is usually in March. It carries a monetary award of one hundred dollars.

Charles Hartshorne (1897-2000), BA Haverford/Harvard, PhD Harvard, was a member of our faculty from 1955 until 1962. From 1923-1925, he studied with Husserl in Freiburg and with Heidegger in Marburg. From 1925 till 1928, he worked with Whitehead on process philosophy that would be of the greatest impact on his philosophy. 


2017 Daniel Hanfelt

2016 Brian Wiora

2015 Martin Sigalow

2014 Harrison Farina

2013 Madhava Martin

2011 Aaron David

2010 Frank Lemon

2009 Elizabeth Rogawski

Paul Kuntz Prize

The Paul Kuntz Prize, established in 1989, is given to the best performing senior in philosophy at graduation. It carries a monetary award of one hundred dollars.

Paul G. Kuntz (1915-2000), BA Haverford, PhD Harvard, was chair of the Emory Philosophy Department from 1966 to 1969 and belonged to our faculty until 1985. Besides his publications on Hume, Lotze, Lovejoy, Russell, and Whitehead, he also engaged in the foundation of the Santayana Society, the Ghandi-King Society, and the International Society of Metaphysics.


2017 Amy Tang

2016 Alexa Cucopulos

2015 Gino Eli

2014 Steven Christ

2013 Hanna  Haejin Kim

2011 Christina Young

2010 Anna Hadas de Groot

2009 Sarah Anne Pohlman