Rocío Zambrana

Associate Professor

Department of Philosophy

Office: Bowden Hall 316

Fax: 404.712.9425


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Department of Philosophy

Emory University
561 S. Kilgo Circle

Atlanta, GA 30322


  • PhD, New School for Social Research, 2010
  • M.A., New School for Social Research, 2004
  • B.A., University of Puerto Rico, 2001



German Idealism, Marxism, Critical Theory

Decolonial Thought

Feminism: Latinx, Latin American, and Caribbean

Current work:

My work examines critiques of capitalism and coloniality in various philosophical traditions, especially Marxism, Decolonial Thought, and Feminisms of the Américas (Latinx, Latin American, Caribbean). My current work explores coloniality as the afterlife of colonialism, considering the articulation and deployment of race/gender as crucial to the development and resilience of capitalism. I consider the manifestations of coloniality in a colonial context by examining fiscally distressed Puerto Rico. 

Interviews in Spanish with REC-Latinoamérica, "Negatividad, deuda, y colonialidad," and in English with HegelPD, provide good overviews of my trajectory. 

I am Co-Editor, with Bonnie Mann, Erin McKenna, and Camisha Russell, of Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy, and columnist for 80grados (San Juan, Puerto Rico).



Colonial Debts: The Case of Puerto Rico (Forthcoming, Duke University Press).

Hegel’s Theory of Intelligibility (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2015).  

Selected Book Chapters:

 “Deudas coloniales/Colonial Debts,” Una proposición modesta: Puerto Rico a prueba/A Modest Proposal: Puerto Rico’s Crucible, an initiative of Allora & Calzadilla, ed. Sara Nadal-Melisó (Barcelona: Fundació Antoni Tàpies, 2018).

“What’s Critical About Critical Theory? – Redux,” From Alienation to Forms of Life: The Critical Theory of Rahel Jaeggi, ed. Eduardo Mendieta and Amy Allen (State College: Penn State University Press, 2018). 

“Dialectics as Resistance: Hegel, Adorno, Benjamin,” Hegel and Resistance, ed. Bart Zantvoort (London: Bloomsbury, 2018).  

“Boundary, Ambivalence, Jaibería, or, How to Appropriate Hegel,” Creolizing the Canon, ed. Michael Monahan (Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2017).

 “Hegel, History, and Race,” The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Race, ed. Naomi Zack (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017).

“Normative Ambivalence and the Future of Critical Theory: Adorno & Horkheimer, Castro-Gómez, Quijano on Rationality, Modernity, Totality,” Critical Theory and the Challenge of Praxis, ed. Stefano Giachetti Ludovisi (London: Ashgate, 2015).

Selected Articles:

Pasarse Políticamente – Interrupting Neoliberal Temporalities in Puerto Rico,” Collective Temporalities and the Construction of the Future, ed. María del Rosario Acosta and Gustavo Quintero, diacritics 46:2 (2018).

“Actuality in Hegel and Marx,” Hegel Bulletin 39:1 (2018).

“Dialectics of Progress,” Philosophy Today 61:4 (2017).

“Logics of Power, Logics of Violence (According to Hegel),” Law and Violence, ed. María del Rosario Acosta, New Centennial Review 14:2 (2014).

“Paradoxes of Neoliberalism and the Tasks of Critical Theory,” Critical Horizons 14:1 (2013).

“Hegel’s Legacy,” Continental Philosophy: What and Where Will It Be? ed. Ted Toadvine, The Southern Journal of Philosophy 50:2 (2012).

“Hegel’s Logic of Finitude,” Continental Philosophy Review 45:2 (2012).

Selected Awards:

Excellence Award for Director of Graduate Studies, University of Oregon, 2019

Distinguished Alumni Award, New School for Social Research, 2017

Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2016-2017

The Hans Jonas Award in Philosophy from New School for Social Research, 2010

Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD), 2008

Ford Foundation Diversity Dissertation Fellowship, 2007-2008

Selected Book Covers: