John J. Stuhr

Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and American Studies

Department of Philosophy

Office: Bowden Hall 317

Phone: 404.727.9965

Fax: 404.712.9425


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Department of Philosophy

Emory University
561 S. Kilgo Circle

Atlanta, GA 30322


  • BA, Carleton College
  • MA, Vanderbilt University
  • PhD, Vanderbilt University


  • social theory and political philosophy, ethics, pragmatism and American philosophy, 19th and 20th century European philosophy, philosophy and contemporary culture

Selected Publications

  • Author of
    • Pragmatic Fashions: Pluralism, Democracy, Relativism, and the Absurd (Indiana University Press, 2016)      
    • Pragmatism, Postmodernism, and the Future of Philosophy (Routledge, 2003)
    • Genealogical Pragmatism: Philosophy, Experience, and Community (SUNY Press, 1997)
    • John Dewey (Carmichael & Carmichael, 1991; study guide, 1993; Blackstone, cd, 2006)                
  • Editor of
    • Cosmopolitanism and Place (co-edited with Jessica Wahman and José M. Medina) (Indiana University Press, forthcoming 2017)
    • 100 Years of Pragmatism: William James's 'Epoch-Making' Philosophy (Indiana, 2010)
    • Pragmatism and Classical American Philosophy (Oxford University Press, 2nd ed. 2000)
    • Philosophy and the Reconstruction of Culture (SUNY Press, 1993)

Fellowships and Honors

  • Founding Director, American Philosophies Forum (2008--) Click Here:
  • The American Philosophies Forum - Emory University
    Mission Recognizing the pluralistic, frequently contested character of American life, the American Philosophies Forum aims: 1) to contribute to the critical ...
  • Co-Editor and Managing Editor, Journal of Speculative Philosophy (1998--) Click Here:
  • Founding Series General Editor, American Philosophy, Indiana University Press (2003) Click Here:
  • Marcus Foundation Large Institutional Grant (2008, 2014)
  • Co-Director, Summer Workshop (on Peirce, James, and the Origins of Pragmatism), Institute for the History of Philosophy, 2012
  • Visiting Scholar, Sage School of Philosophy, Cornell University (2016-17, 2011, 2006)
  • American Philosophy Research Grant, Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy, (2007)
  • Outstanding Faculty Member, Lotus Eaters Honor Society/Pi Beta Phi, Vanderbilt University (2007)
  • President, Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy (2004-06)
  • Director, "Contested Values and Moral Reasoning in International Affairs," Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs (2004)
  • Co-Director, NEH Summer Seminar on Art, Politics, and American Culture and Pragmatism, National Endowment for the Humanities (2001)
  • Visiting Research Fellow, Centre Michel Foucault (IMES), Paris, France (1994)
  • Director, Western Humanities Conference (1990-93)
  • Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Lenningrad State University (1991)
  • Founding Steering Committee, Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes (1988-1994)
  • Senior Research Scholar and Visiting Fellow, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia (1988)
  • Fulbright Fellow, Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg, Germany (1984)
  • Greenlee Prize, Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy (1981)
  • President, Northwest Philosophy Conference (1981)

Current Work

  • I have recently completed an authored book—Pragmatic Fashions: Pluralism, Democracy, Relativism, and the Absurd—that develops, in part through paintings, photographs, and poetry, an account of philosophies as expressions of personal vision and explores the political consequences of this view and also a co-edited book Cosmopolitanism and Place—that critically assesses the universalist ideals of cosmopolitanism in light of realities of different places, powers, and senses of self. I am now working on a several essays for different books—on William James’s account of will and faith, on the notion of the American Dream and the ideal of equal opportunity in the face of contemporary social realities, and on John Dewey and agenda for Deweyan pragmatists today.  And I am working on several book projects--on John Dewey’s theory of experience and its implications for critical philosophy (approximately half complete), on forgiveness (also about half complete), on a cluster of topics that constitute case studies for the expressivist view of pragmatism I have set forth, and a short volume on American philosophy (contracted with Oxford University Press).  I regularly teach undergraduate courses in ethics, political philosophy, pragmatism, and 19th and 20th century philosophy, and my recent graduate seminars have focused on: liberalism and its critics (2016); radical empiricism: James and Deleuze (2015); Dewey and contemporary pragmatism (2014); cosmopolitanism (2013); and Peirce, James and the origins of pragmatism (2012). During 2016-17, I am on sabbatical to advance these research projects (as a Visiting Scholar at the Sage School of Philosophy at Cornell University).

Book Covers

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