Dilek Huseyinzadegan

Associate Professor

Department of Philosophy

Office: Bowden Hall 110

Phone: 404.727.6579

Fax: 404.712.9425

Email: dhuseyin1@emory.edu

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Department of Philosophy

Emory University
561 S. Kilgo Circle

Atlanta, GA 30322

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  • PhD, DePaul University, 2012
  • Women's and Gender Studies Graduate Certificate, DePaul University, 2012


  • Kant and German Idealism, Political Philosophy, 20th Century Continental (European) Philosophy, Critical Philosophy of Race, Post- and Decolonial Thought, and Feminism

Selected Publications

Kant's Nonideal Theory of Politics (Chicago: Northwestern University Press, 2019). More information here.

"For What Can the Kantian Feminist Hope? Constructive Complicity in Appropriations of the Canon," Feminist Philosophy Quarterly 4/1 (2018): Article 3.

“Between Necessity and Contingency: A Critical Philosophy of History in Adorno & Horkheimer’s Dialectic of Enlightenment.” Epoché: A Journal for the History of Philosophy 22/2 (2018): 469-488.

"Kant's Political Zweckmässigkeit" Kantian Review 20/3 (2015)

Current Work

  • Dr. Huseyinzadegan is working on a new project on post- and decolonial feminisms as well as their implications for interpreting and evaluating the canon of Western philosophy. She serves as the Philosophy Advisor and Co-Editor of the Turkish Translations of Intellectual Biographies Series (Cambridge University Press and Is Kultur Yayinlari), and of Charles Mills' The Racial Contract (Cornell University Press and Patika Yayinlari).

Fellowships, Honors, Awards:

  • Emory University Research Grant (2016)
  • Emory University Campus Life Award for Superlative Service (2015)
  • DAAD (2008)
  • DePaul University Undergraduate Mentorship Award (2007 and 2010)
  • DePaul University John F. Richardson Study Abroad Grant (2006)

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nonideal theory of politics