Career Placement of Philosophy Graduate Students (2004 – present)

Last Updated May 2019

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Job Placement in the Professoriate and/or Academia

Roshni Patel (Ph.D., 2019) – Colgate University (Visiting Assistant Professor)

Katherine Howard (Ph.D., 2019) – Southwestern University (Visiting Assistant Professor)


Davies, Katherine (Ph.D., 2017) – University of Texas at Dallas (Tenure-Track); Miami University of Ohio (Visiting Assistant Professor)

Mubirumusoke, Mukasa (Ph.D., 2017) – Claremont McKenna College (Tenure-Track, Department of Africana Studies); Grinnell College (Visiting Assistant Professor)

Kevin Brennan (Ph.D., 2018) – St. John’s Seminary (Assistant Professor of Philosophy)

Shepherd, Aaron Pratt (Ph.D., 2017) – University of Massachusetts Lowell (Adjunct Faculty)


Reynolds, Joel Michael (Ph.D., 2016) – University of Massachusetts Lowell (Tenure-Track); The Hastings Center (Post-Doc)

Anderson, Ellen (Ph.D., 2016) – Pitzer College (Visiting Assistant Professor); Muhlenberg College (Visiting Assistant Professor)

Nemli, Osman (Ph.D., 2016) – Vassar College (Tenure-Track); Vassar College (Visiting Assistant Professor)

Locke, Jessica (Ph.D., 2016) – Loyola University Maryland (Tenure-Track)

Meeks, Jennifer (Ph.D., 2016) –Georgia State Perimeter College (Assistant Professor); Emory University (Visiting Assistant Professor)

Peone, Dustin (Ph.D., 2016) – Emory University, Oglethorpe University (Adjunct Instrutor)


Peña-Guzman, David (Ph.D., 2015) – San Francisco State University (Tenure-Track), School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University (Post-Doc); Laurentian University (Post Doc)


Schweitzer, Katharine (Ph.D., 2014) – University of Nevada, Reno (Tenure-Track, 2014 - 2019)

Davidshofer, Claudine (Ph.D., 2014) – High Point University (Tenure-Track)

Haas, Julia (Ph.D., 2014) – Rhodes College (Tenure-Track); Washington University St. Louis (Post Doc)

Longtin-Hansen, Rebecca (Ph.D., 2014) – State University of New York New Paltz (Tenure-Track)

Guilmette, Lauren (Ph.D., 2014) – Florida Atlantic University (Tenure-Track)

Millson, Jared (Ph.D., 2014) – Agnes Scott University (Visiting Assistant Professor and Co-Chair)

Homan, Catherine (Ph.D., 2014) – Mount Mary University (Tenure-Track); Sienna College


Fagiano, Mark (Ph.D., 2013) – University of Tennessee, Knoxville; University of Central Florida (Visiting Lecturer)

Glowienka, Edward (Ph.D., 2013) – Carrol College (Tenure-Track)

Scripter, Lucas (Ph.D., 2013) – The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Rump, Jacob (Ph.D., 2013) – Creighton University (Tenure-Track); Honors College at Boston University (Post-Doc)

Lee, Jong Hwan (Ph.D., 2013) – University of Seoul (Tenure-Track)


Kluz, Christopher (Ph.D., 2012) – The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Aldea, Andreea Smaranda (Ph.D., 2012) – Kent State University (Tenure-Track); Dartmouth College (Post-Doc; Lecturer)

Gleitman, Michal (Ph.D., 2012) – Polonsky Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Homan, Matthew (Ph.D., 2012) – Christopher Newport University (Tenure-Track)


Abdel Meguid, Ahmed El-Sayed (Ph.D., 2011) – Syracuse University (Tenure-Track)

Rothstein, Jared (Ph.D., 2011) – Daytona State College (Tenure-Track)


Causey, Robert (Ph.D., 2010) – Georgia College and State University (Lecturer)

McQuillan, Colin (Ph.D., 2010) – St. Mary's San Antonio Texas (Tenure-Track)

Gursoy, Ozgur (Ph.D., 2010) – Izmir Economy University of Turkey (Tenure-Track)

Edelman, Christopher (Ph.D., 2010) – University of the Incarnate Word (Tenure-Track)


Hammond, Courtney (Ph.D., 2009) – Cuyamaca College (Tenure-Track)

Randle, Tanya Rae (Ph.D., 2009) – St. Ambrose University (Tenure-Track); St. Norbert College

Milne, Peter (Ph.D., 2009) – Seoul National University (Tenure-Track)

Helfrich, Erin (Ph.D., 2009) – Harvard College Women's Center

Arenson, Kelly (Ph.D., 2009) – Duquesne University (Tenure-Track)

Tucker, Erica (Ph.D., 2009) – Marquette University (Tenure-Track)

Parker, Emily (Ph.D., 2009) – Towson University (Tenure-Track)

Kumar, Apaar (Ph.D., 2009) – Manipal University (Tenure-Track)

Dunson, James (Ph.D., 2009) – Xavier University (Tenure-Track)


Solomon, Stephanie (Ph.D., 2008) – Saint Louis University (Tenure-Track)

James, Denise (Ph.D., 2008) – University of Dayton (Tenure-Track)

Gonzalez, Catalina (Ph.D., 2008) – University of Andes, Bogota, Colombia (Tenure-Track)

Stradella, Alessandra (Ph.D., 2008) – Community College of Philadelphia (Tenure-Track); SUNY Oneonta

Still, Kent (Ph.D., 2008) – Georgia Institute of Technology

Fisher, Mark (Ph.D., 2008) – Pennsylvania State University


Honeycutt, Kevin (Ph.D., 2007) – Mercer University (Tenure-Track); Sweet Briar College

Olson, Philip (Ph.D., 2007) – Virginia Polytechnic University (Tenure-Track)

Strand, David (Ph.D., 2007) – Pensacola Junior College (Tenure-Track)

Krom, Michael (Ph.D., 2007) – St. Vincent College (Tenure-Track)

Wilson, Eric (Ph.D., 2007) – Georgia State University (Tenure-Track); Loyola Maryland University (Tenure-Track)


Rockhill, Gabriel (Ph.D., 2006) – Villanova University (Tenure-Track)

Fennen, Keith (Ph.D., 2006) – Miami University of Ohio (Associate Teaching Professor)

Jensen, Anthony (Ph.D., 2006) – Providence College (Tenure-Track)

Buckley, Michael (Ph.D., 2006) – Lehman College (Tenure-Track)

Khalifa, Kareem (Ph.D., 2006) – Middlebury College (Tenure-Track)

Foster, Travis (Ph.D., 2006) – Villanova University (); Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


Anadale, Christopher (Ph.D., 2005) – Mount St. Mary's University (Tenure-Track)


Lissa Skitolsky (Ph.D., 2004) – Susquehanna University (Tenure-Track); Luther College (Tenure-Track); University of Memphis (Visiting Assistant Professor)

Coleen Patricia Zoller (Ph.D., 2004) – Susquehanna University (Tenure-Track)

Job Placement Outside the Professoriate

Katharine Schweitzer (Ph.D., 2014) - Interface and Forms Lead at Protech Solutions, Inc. 

Stephanie Rogers (Ph.D., 2018) – IT Project Manager at Emory University

Jordan Stewart-Rozema (A.B.D. as of 2017) – Online Learning Community Manager at KQED

Karen McCarthy (M.A., 2013) – Instructional Designer at Emory Center for Digital Scholarship

Robins, Alexander (Ph.D., 2015) – Co-Founder of BllueMade (Private Sector); Emory University (Visiting Assistant Professor)

Bazemore, Michael (Ph.D., 2006) – Head of School at Northcoast Preparatory and Performing Arts Academy

Buffington, Lina (Ph.D., 2006) – Executive Director at Nurses for Sexual and Reproductive Health (Non-Profit)