Interdisciplinary Opportunities

Emory strongly supports interdisciplinary teaching and scholarship. Students in the graduate program enjoy rich opportunities for working with faculty from related programs and departments. Certificates are available in French, Comparative Literature, Film, and Women’s Studies among other areas. Extensive course work is also possible with the Psychoanalytic Studies Program. Highly ranked programs in Religion, Comparative Literature, French, Women’s Studies, Anthropology and Psychology and nationally known faculty in other related fields complement Philosophy Department offerings in our four major areas of strength. Among the many faculty of special interest to our graduate students are:

History of Philosophy

Greek and Roman antiquity (Lewis Ayres in Theology; Bracht Branham in Classics; Kevin Corrigan in Institute for Liberal Arts); Medieval (Mark Jordan in Religion; Phillip Reynolds in Theology); nineteenth-century Kantian and post-Kantian philosophy ( David Pacini in Theology); twentieth-century philosophy (Elizabeth Goodstein in Institute for Liberal Arts); Descartes (Dalia Judowitz in French).

Continental Philosophy

Derrida (Geoff Bennington in French); Levinas (Jill Robbins in Religion); Frankfurt School (Elizabeth Goodstein in Institute of Liberal Arts; Wally Adamson in History); Foucault and Nietzsche (Mark Jordan in Religion); Feminist Theory (Angelika Bammer in the Institute of Liberal Arts and Lynne Huffer in Women’s Studies).

Culture, History, and Social Theory

Aesthetics (Dalia Judowitz and Elissa Marder in French); Postcolonial Theory (Deepika Bahri in English); Psychoanalytic Studies (Claire Nouvet and Elissa Marder in Comparative Literature and French); Film Studies (Matthew Bernstein in Film Studies); Buddhism (John Dunne in Religion); Islamic Thought (Gordon Newby in Mideastern Studies); Culture and Cognition (Bradd Shore of Anthropology); Mind and Language (Larry Barsalou, Laura Namy, and Phillip Wolff in Psychology; Alan Cienki of Institute of Liberal Arts); Social theory and Africa (Ivan Karp of the Institute of Liberal Arts); Social theory and globalization (Frank Lechner of Sociology).

Ethics and Political Philosophy

Trauma Theory (Cathy Caruth and Shoshana Felman in Comparative Literature); Queer Theory (Lynne Huffer in Women’s Studies and Mark Jordan in Religion); feminist ethics (Elizabeth Bounds in Theology); Social Ethics (Timothy Jackson in Theology).

Other Resources

Emory Center for Ethics
Graduate students may be interested in pursing internships or attending seminars at the Emory Center for Ethics. The center also offers an ethics minor for undergraduates.

Center for Humanistic Inquiry
The Center for Humanistic Inquiry offers dissertation fellowships for graduate students working in the humanities.

Department of Women’s Studies

Department of Comparative Literature