Gabriel Rockhill

Associate Professor and Director of the Critical Theory Workshop in Paris Research

Villanova University


Focus of Dissertation and Advisor

The title of my dissertation, written under Professor Thomas Flynn, was Politics and Cultural History in Postwar France and America: Toward a Pragmatic Analytic of Practice.

Research Interests

I have recently co-edited and contributed to two books:  a collection of essays entitled Jacques Rancière:  History, Politics and Aesthetics (Duke University Press) and a collection of interviews entitled La critique théorique en Amérique du Nord:  Dialogues sur la politique, l’éthique et l’actualité (Editions du Félin). I also have two book manuscripts under review:  Logique de l’histoire:  Pour une analytique des pratiques philosophiques (Flammarion) and Towards a General Critical Theory of Art and Politics:  Reflections around the Work of Jacques Rancière and His Interlocutors (Verso). My current research interests are in the development of a general critical theory of art and politics.

Teaching Interests and Location

Since the fall of 2007, I have been teaching at Villanova University in the following areas: contemporary French thought, social and political philosophy, aesthetics and the philosophy of film. I am also the Director of the Critical Theory Workshop, which takes place over the summer at the Paris Center for Critical Studies and the Collège International de Philosophie -