Julie Piering

Richard Wood Professor for the Teaching of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy

Northern Arizona University


Focus of Dissertation

My dissertation, written under Tom Flynn and entitled “Practices of the Self: Michel Foucault and Socratic Ethics,” engages the legacy of Socratic ethics within the Socratic dialogues, the Cynic way of life, the Stoic system, and the late work of Michel Foucault.

Teaching Interests

My teaching areas and interests are perpetually broadening. I teach survey courses in the history of philosophy, history of ideas, logic, modern political philosophy, philosophy of law, existentialism, and ethics as well as specific topics directly related to my research, such as Plato, feminist philosophy, German thought, and philosophy and literature. As this list intimates, the Prelims prove their usefulness to me daily.

Teaching Location

I am currently at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where I teach within our BA and MA (in Liberal Studies) programs. I also participate as a Humanities Scholar in a Medical Ethics course just up the road at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Research Interests

My most recent research takes up the relation of shame and irony in Plato, but I am continuing a project on Foucault’s interest in and appropriation of the ancients, and a series of papers on a kind of proto-feminism found formally (rather than substantively) in Hellenistic thought.