Race, Gender, Difference

Emory’s philosophy faculty pursue questions pertaining to race, gender, and their intersection, as well as issues of identity and social position, with particular concern for the experiences and fate of marginalized persons and groups.

A variety of theoretical orientations inform this work, including the critical philosophy of race, critical race theory, critical whiteness studies, feminism, phenomenology, the philosophy of liberation, pragmatism, and post-colonial and de-colonial theory.

Current concerns include African-American philosophy, anti-black racism, colonial identity, gender oppression and resistance, the history of race and racism, liberatory movements and theory, re-reading the canon, whiteness, and white supremacy.

Selected Publications

Dilek Huseyinzadegan"For What Can the Kantian Feminist Hope? Constructive Complicity in Appropriations of the Canon," Feminist Philosophy Quarterly 4/1 (2018): Article 3.

Noëlle McAfee, “Feminist Engagements with Democratic Theory,” Routledge Companion to Feminist Philosophy, eds. Ann Garry and Serene Khader. Routledge, May 2017.
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Cynthia WillettMaternal Ethics and other Slave Moralities. Routledge, 1995.

George Yancy, Look, a White! Philosophy Essays on Whiteness. Temple University Press, 2012.

George Yancy.  Black Bodies, White Gazes: The Continuing Significance of Race in America. Second Edition. Rowman & Littlefield. 2016.

Recent Courses

556 Phenomenology and Race (Yancy)
571 Philosophy, Whiteness, Identity (Yancy)
789 Contemporary Feminist Philosophy (McAfee)
789 Irigaray & Kristeva (McAfee)
789 Third Wave Critical Theory (Willett)
789 Decolonial Thought and Decolonial Feminism (Zambrana)