Ethics, Politics, and Law

Many faculty research projects assess particular conditions that enable or frustrate the realization of lives well-lived, including non-human lives such as socio-institutional trends, material conditions, interpersonal relations, and individual habits and capacities.

Particular projects involve shame, happiness, friendship and love, the many shapes of racism, sexism, and coloniality, freedom and equality, democratic culture and deliberation, justice, the rule of law, judicial review, cosmopolitanism, class, and interspecies ethics.

In pursuing these projects, many theoretical orientations and methodologies operate, even as the nature of social explanation is its own project. Approaches include various critical theories, democratic theory, feminism, liberalism, post-colonial and de-colonial theory, pragmatism, and psychoanalysis, often in dialogue with other disciplines like anthropology, ecology, legal theory, physics, and psychology.

Selected Publications

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Recent Courses

500 Aristotle on Justice (Jimenez)
501 Plato and Aristotle on Democracy and Tyranny, Freedom and Oppression (Jimenez)
525 Origins of Modern Political Philosophy (Goldenbaum)
525 Sovereignty and Individual Rights (Goldenbaum)
525 Kant's Practical Philosophy (Huseyinzadegan)
541 Virtue Ethics & Existentialism (Flynn)
551 Ethics, Neuroscience, Philosophical Psychology, and Animal Studies (Willett)
570 Accounting for Ourselves: Butler, Habermas, Cavell (Lysaker)
571 Habermas and his Critics (McAfee)
551 Cosmopolitanism (Stuhr)
571 Liberalism and its Critics (Stuhr)
789 Critical Legal Studies and Theory (Sullivan)
789 20th Century Legal Theory (Sullivan)
789 Relation, Affect, and Eros Ethics (Willett)